Apwoch Impact Lab

Harnessing Knowledge, Creativity, and Partnerships to Craft Change and Shape Equitable Futures


Some of the services we offer

Social Impact Strategy

Crafting roadmaps, innovative programs, and projects that align with your mission and impact goals, including strategic planning, program, and project design.

Program and Project Design

Crafting innovative programs and projects that align with your mission and impact goals.

Community Engagement

Building strong relationships with community stakeholders through meaningful dialogue and collaboration.


Some of the causes we uphold

By Charly Amazan

Promoting Equity and Social Justice

We support organizations in addressing systemic inequalities through inclusive policy development, community empowerment, and advocacy initiatives.
@Picture by Charly Amazan


Creating Opportunities and lasting Impact

We assist clients in developing programs, that create opportunities, lasting impact and empower change.
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Social Commitment

We advance strategies to leverage resources for solving community problems and connecting under-resourced communities with necessary support.
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Designing Our Solutions

Tailored Approach

We develop customized solutions that embody our appreciation for the authentic experiences, knowledge, and viewpoints of the people we serve. This ensures that our solutions are based on real-world insights and scientific evidence.


By drawing from a diverse historical context, culture, discoveries, and experiences, we develop strategies that acknowledge the past, incorporate lessons learned, and address present needs while ensuring future sustainability.

Welcome to Apwoch Impact Lab

My journey has taken me to various parts of the world, allowing me to experience different cultures, speak different languages, and learn from many communities. I have first-hand experience of some of the issues I want to help solve and have spent years equipping myself to be better positioned to design effective solutions using the unique approach and vision I have developed over the years. I launched “Apwoch,” or “approach” in English, to leave my mark on efforts to shape a more equitable future and create a space where, like in a lab, we mix creativity, evidence, and knowledge to develop solutions.

My unwavering commitment to social impact is the driving force behind every aspect of my work. Apwoch Impact Lab is a testament to a dedication to developing processes that reflect rigor and creativity, with a focus on cost-effectiveness, dignity preservation, and maximum impact.

My career has spanned a diverse range of sectors, including international development, non-profits in health and human services, government agencies, consulting, and grassroots organizations. I’ve been fortunate to learn invaluable lessons from the people I’ve served, the collaborators I’ve partnered with, and the mentors who have guided me. These experiences, both the lessons learned from mistakes and the successes of launching several initiatives from scratch, have been instrumental in shaping the path that led to Apwoch.

I am excited to introduce Apwoch and look forward to collaborating with you.

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